Aircraft Transparencies

Our air carrier customers have seen the value in our transparencies in cost savings, reliability, and industry-leading warranty. These  windows  are rebuilt  under a tightly controlled  repair  specification  and  are  tagged  with  a  standard  Dual  Release  FAA 8130-3 to document their airworthiness.

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Since 1987, Pacific Aero Tech has been at the forefront of analyzing the common failures necessitating the early removal of cockpit windows. In 2011, we put this knowledge and experience to work by investing heavily in the capital equipment, technology and people to broaden our capability to include the full rebuild of transparencies. The fleets and positions we targeted were directly influenced by those that seemed to have the highest failure rates; namely the 737, 757, 767 and 777 fleets. Now after nearly a decade of rebuilding the transparencies, we have surpassed our 2,000th window shipment. Importantly, we have incorporated small tweaks in the repair to address the common failures in the OEM windows. 

                          Openable Assemblies       


Conventional CMM Repair & Overhaul

For decades, some of the worlds largest operators and aircraft manufactures have entrusted Pacific Aero Tech with the repair & overhaul their cockpit windows/assemblies. Pacific Aero Tech has a vertical operation capable of complete teardown, rebuild and recoating openable assemblies to the latest CMM specifications. We stock necessary hardware, seals and replacement transparencies for the bulk of the commercial fleets.

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conventional transparency repair

Pacific Aero Tech, with a primary focus on transparencies, is one of the only FAA145 facilities in the world capable of providing options. Not only have we developed tightly controlled repair specifications to rebuild the transparency, we are amongst the few capable of performing CMM repairs inclusive of polishing. Our goal is to be equipped to offer carriers with the widest field of options.

Download our Airframe Rating Capabilities List. (PDF)


Avionics and Instruments


Each of our Avionics Technicians has more than 20 years experience in aircraft avionics and instrument repair. This deep expertise translates to high quality repairs and an outstanding value for our customers.

Pacific Aero Tech is an approved Warranty Repair Facility for Gables Engineering and ELTA emergency locator transmitters and control boxes. We have been supporting Boeing production aircraft for more than twenty years. We also support product lines from Bendix/King, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell and Sperry.

Download our Avionics Capabilities List. (PDF)


Control Boxes

Gables Engineering, Inc. has issued a Certificate of Appointment certifying Pacific Aero Tech as an authorized Warranty Repair Facility. Since 1946 Gables Engineering has been a leader in the design and manufacture of avionics controls. Pacific Aero Tech has been working with Gables Engineering since 1988 to ensure customer satisfaction with the product line.

Some of the Gables products we have supported over the years: (PDF | Excel)

Learn why Gables Engineering selected Pacific Aero Tech:


Emergency Locator Transmitters

Pacific Aero Tech is an authorized warranty repair facility for ECA Aerospace (formerly ELTA) Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs). Located in Toulouse, France, ECA is the world leader in the design and production of ELTs. Significant features of the ECA transmitters include:

  • 3 Frequencies: 121.5 / 243 / 406 MHz

  • 3 Versions:

    • Automatic & Portable (AP Type)

    • Automatic Fixed (AF Type)

    • Survival (S type)

  • Can be coded with any COSPAS - SARSAT Protocol

  • JTSO & TSO Approved


ECA transmitters are currently used on the following aircraft:


  • Commercial

    • Airbus (all models)

    • ATR

    • Boeing (all models)

    • Bombardier

    • British Aerospace

    • DeHavilland

  • General

    • Bell

    • Cessna

    • Eurocopter

    • Sikorsky

  • Military

    • Casa

    • Dassault Mirage

PAT has repair capability for the following ELTA products:


  • ADT406 Series

  • A06 and S06

  • A06T

  • A06V2

  • 93N6035

  • 9260065

  • 94N6097

  • 94N6576

  • 95N6088

  • 95N6089

  • 96N9030

  • 97N902x

  • 01N65900

  • 01N65910

  • 01N65920


We Buy Your Windows

Pacific Aero Tech sees value in your Excess Stock, BER & “As Removed” windows. Let us BUY the windows that no longer have value to you.  We will pay for your windows which are determined to be beyond the CMM repair limits.