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Production Planner/Scheduler

We are looking for someone with a solid background (five years or more experience) as a Production Planner/Scheduler in a manufacturing environment.  The successful candidate will help establish the scheduling system and then develop and maintain daily, weekly and monthly schedules to meet customer and Company demands.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

•    Develop and maintain production schedules in accordance with customer orders, sales forecast, employee and equipment capacity, and new business opportunities.
•    Coordinate with production, purchasing, customer service and sales teams to develop and maintain scheduling parameters
•    Schedule the production activities relating to material, employee, and equipment availability
•    Monitor production process, workflow, and schedules to ensure on-time delivery
•    Review production specifications, identify, and report plant capacity constraints
•    Resolve production, manpower and material shortage problems quickly in an order of priority
•    Work with managers to develop potential solutions to improve production performance
•    Coordinate with purchasing to ensure adequacy on on-hand materials •    Provide daily/weekly production reports to managers for critical decision-making purposes
•    Other duties as assigned.

Education and/or Experience

•    Minimum of five years’ experience as a production scheduler or in a similar position in a manufacturing environment and/or
•    Bachelor’s degree in business management from a four-year college or university preferred

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

•    Experience in building bills of material and manufacturing routers
•    Experience working in more than one ERP/MRP system a plus
•    Demonstrated ability to multi-task and work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
•    High proficiency in spreadsheet applications
•    Excellent organizational and time management skills
•    Ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team
•    Strong communication skills – written and verbal
•    Strong analytical and planning skill


Repair Process Mechanic

We are looking for a Repair Process Mechanic to perform various tasks in accordance with PAT repair process specifications and applicable CMMs with supervision. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

•    Glass/Acrylic Polishing
•    Perform preparation and finish work of cockpit windows, disassemble window components
•    Perform and record various tests and visual inspections
•    Basic mechanical skills including use of hand and power tools
•    Ability to identify parts & tag with applicable repairable tags for tractability
•    Ability to identify materials and window components and special handling instructions
•    Ability to read diagrams, blueprints & drawings
•    Ability to lift 50lbs
•    Other duties as assigned

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