Exchange & Return Policy

  1. All invoices must be paid in accordance with credit terms and in full.
  2. Customer core exchange units are to be returned to Pacific Aero Tech, LLC within 30 days or date negotiated at time of sale.  Units not returned within this allotted time will be subject to either an additional charge of 1% of the outright sales price per day (minimum daily charge will be no less than USD$10.00 per day).   All outstanding exchange cores after 45 days are subject to invoicing at the full outright sales price. 
  3. Customer exchange units are to be returned to Pacific Aero Tech, LLC in good repairable condition.    Modification charges may be incurred at Pacific Aero Tech, LLC’s option if the returned unit is not the same part number and/or service bulletin as originally shipped.  These modification charges will be submitted in writing against our work order and billed on a separate invoice.
  4. All customer core returned units must be accompanied by a completed Material Certification traceable to a certified source; either an FAA Repair Station or an Air Carrier and must contain a non-incident statement.  Incident related equipment will not be acceptable as an exchange core.  Third party customers must supply supporting documentation.
  5. In order to correctly process customer account status, parts being returned to Pacific Aero Tech, LLC for credit, including sales returns and unused exchange cores, must be assigned a return material authorization (RMA) to ensure physical documentation and traceability of returning inventory.  Exchange units returned for credit must be returned within 10 days of the date of sales unless prior authorization is given.  All returns will be subject to a minimum re-stocking charge of $250.00 or 10% of the outright price, whichever is greater.  Original tags and teardowns must accompany the returned unit or the part will be re-certified at the customer’s expense.  A statement on customer company letterhead or on the packing slip stating the returned part has not been installed and is being returned unused must accompany the returned unit to be considered for credit.  Electronic units must still be in original, unopened packaging (also see 7 below).
  6. “Bad from stock” warranty claims must be identified by the carriers receiving inspection and claimed within the first 45 days of delivery.
  7. All windows are subject to a teardown and evaluation fee of $250.00.
  8. Overhauls performed at PAT utilizing customer supplied and/or FAA approved data will be covered for a period of 12 months and will cover materials and workmanship. 
  9. All exchange cores returned unused or with another overhaul tag will be subject to re-certification unless previously agreed upon in writing.  Pacific Aero Tech, LLC reserves the right to re-certify all electronic units and any unit returned without a Pacific Aero Tech, LLC or OEM tag to like condition.  Shelf life and traceability considerations still apply.
  10. Original units returned without the original certification or in a used condition will be considered an exchange core and applicable terms and applicable re-certification and core exchange conditions will be invoiced.
  11. Customer confirms that any exchange core units returned to Pacific Aero Tech, LLC are free from all liens, levies and encumbrances.  Pacific Aero Tech, LLC accepts ownership and responsibility for exchange core units upon receipt.
  12. All incurred shipping and customs charges will be billed as appropriate.  The cost of returning any exchange unit to Pacific Aero Tech, LLC including all custom and shipping charges will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
  13. The failure by Pacific Aero Tech, LLC to require performance by the Customer of any term, provision or condition contained in this Agreement shall in no way affect the right to require such performance at any time thereafter.  The waiver by Pacific Aero Tech, LLC of a breach of any term, provision or condition shall not constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other term, provision or condition contained in this Agreement.